Pueblo State Forest

Pueblo State Forest is located in central Puerto Rico northeast of the city of Adjuntas. PR 605 runs through the state forest on the eastern side and near the smaller city of Pellejas on the western side.

This state forest includes numerous hiking trails, including some that are quite steep. The rich dense forest and the fact that some trails are not maintained often make finding and following hiking trails challenging at times. Lookout points along certain trails do include some telescopes for great scenic views. There are also some picnic areas including picnic tables, camping areas, and barbeque pits available. Other facilities include a visitors center, an outdoor amphitheater, and some cabins. In addition, some park guides are available to provide information, maps, and a couple guided tours. Otherwise, there aren't a whole lot of facilities available, so make sure you bring plenty of food, water, bug spray, proper hiking shoes, and other supplies.

Pueblo State Forest is usually open from 9am to 5pm Tuesday through Sunday. Call Pueblo State Forest at 787-829-4842 for additional information or to inquire about guided tours.