Virtual Puerto Rico

San Juan, Puerto Rico

Offically called the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, Puerto Rico borders the Caribbean Sea to the south and the Atlantic Ocean to the north. It is located just east of the Dominican Republic and is only about a two and a half hour flight from Miami.

Puerto Rico has a lot to offer travelers and tourists on this Caribbean island paradise. Some of the many Puerto Rico Tourist Attractions include Puerto Rico State Forests, the only official tropical rainforest in the United States El Yunque National Forest, great beaches, and the Arecibo Observatory.

Since Puerto Rico is a territory of the Unites States, American tourists are able to travel to Puerto Rico without a passport or a tourist visa. Another added convenience for American travelers is the fact that Puerto Rico Currency is the U.S. dollar.

The capital city of Puerto Rico is San Juan which has everything from a rich colonial history, amazing beach resorts, a thriving metropolitain economy and business environment, world-class shopping, and national forests within the city. You can explore San Juan's colonial history by visiting the forts of San Cristobal Fort and El Morro Fort located in the Old San Juan portion of San Juan. Major beach resorts line the coastline of San Juan, which also includes ports capable of handling the largest cruise ships the industry has to offer.