Plaza Las Americas

Plaza Las Americas is the largest mall in Puerto Rico, as well as the entire Caribbean, and is the place to go for a large american style shopping mall experience. It is located in the financial district of San Juan Puerto Rico and has a wide variety of large retailers including Old Navy, JC Penney, Guess, Coach, Banana Republic, Victoria's Secret, Toys R' Us, the Disney Store, Macy's, and many other top stores. Plaza Las Americas also has two food court areas, numerous restaurants, a movie theater (Caribbean Cinemas), a U.S. post office, bank branches, and also hosts various events throughout the year.

Plaza Las Americas is an indoor shopping mall, yet it brings in outdoor elements to its interior such as several large fountains and palm tree lined areas. There are also various art installations from Puerto Rican artists throughout the mall giving it a Puerto Rican personality. For more details on the mall, you can view the website in English at