Luis Munoz Marin Park

Luis Munoz Marin Park is located in the Rio Piedras district of the city of San Juan. It is roughly in the center of San Juan on the Northwest corner of PR 18 and PR 17 (Central Avenue). The Piedras river flows through the middle of the 121 acre park to the San Juan Bay.

The park currently has a variety of walking and biking trails, several children's playgrounds, and a small lake with paddleboats. It also has picnic areas and a lot of open green space with shade trees. The park is free and open to the public. The park used to contain an amusement park called Punto Verde that had extensive facilities for children, however it was closed down in 2012. There are plans under development to transform the park into a destination and a centerpiece of the city. The plans include nature trails, botanical and butterfly gardens, soccer field, skateboard park, a waterpark, bike paths, and picnic areas.


The Luis Munoz Marin Park is named after the first elected and highly regarded governor. In 1948, Puerto Ricans create a constitution that is approved by the United States Congress. Puerto Rico then holds democratic elections and elect Luis Munoz Marin in 1949 as the first democratically elected Governor of Puerto Rico. Luis Munoz Marin was a very popular governor and retained the governorship for 16 years. He is often credited with modernizing Puerto Rico from an agricultural economy to a more diverse economy including manufacturing, tourism, and pharma.