Guajataca State Forest

Guajataca State Forest is in the northwest corner of the island of Puerto Rico south of the city of Quebradillas. The forest has a large number of hiking trails available with a range of trails for beginners to trails for the more advanced hiker. There is also camping available in the state forest, however the state requires you obtain a permit first and the facilities are quite limited at this state forest. There are also flora and fuana exploration options, but the most unique tourist attractions for the area are the Karst formations.

Guajataca State Forest facilities are open Tuesdays through Sundays from 9am to 5pm. Call the visitor center at 787-872-1045 for forest information and to plan your trip.

Karst Topography

Karst topography is a rock formation that is created when acidic water dissolves away limestone leaving rock with lots of holes or developing sinkholes, caves, or other types of voids in the ground or exposed rocks. The area around Guajataca State Forest is known as Karst Country because of the prevalence of these Karst geologic formations. Oftentimes water flows below the surface of the ground eating away at the stability of the ground and creating sinkholes, caves, and underground tunnels. These porous rocks and ground also lead to a lack of surface water in the region.

Cave of the Wind

Cueva del Viento

One such Karst formation is the Cave of the Wind (Cueva del Viento). Cave of the Wind has some amazing stalactite and stalagmite formations in the cave, which is quite large in size. It is helpful to bring a flashlight into the cave to allow you to see better and it will allow you to explore more of the cavern. Deeper in the cave there are quite a few bats clinging to the ceiling but they will generally stay away from you. There is a parking area off of PR 446 which includes a picnic and camping grounds. If you park there and take trail #1 to the Cave of the Wind. Another trail will lead you to an observation tower that will provide you with great views of the Guajataca State Forest as well as Guajataca Lake.

Guajataca Lake

Guajataca Lake is located about 3 miles to the east of Guajataca State Forest and has camping and picnic area called Guajataca Campground. The lake is a man-made lake surrounded by green lush forest and providing boating and fishing opportunities.