Tapia Theater

Tapia Theater (Teatro Tapia) is named for the Puerto Rican poet and playwright Alejandro Tapia y Rivera and was built in 1832, and it is still in use today. Tapia Theater is located on the southern end of Colon Plaza in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico on Ponce de Leon Avenue / Fortaleza Street.

The theater has 642 seats and hosts a wide variety of performances including plays, operas, musical productions, ballets, and dance productions. Most of the performances held at the facility are done in the Spanish language.

Both the inside and outside of the theater are painted a bright yellow color accented by dark red drapes on the interior. The theater features three levels of seating and rich lush seats to enjoy performances.

The phone numbers for Tapia Theater and the ticket office are 787-721-0180, 787-721-0169, and 787-722-0407.