Plaza de las Delicias

Plaza de las Delicias (Plaza of Delights) is the main public plaza in downtown Ponce, Puerto Rico. Plaza de las Delicias is a focal point of the city and many of the Ponce Tourist Attractions are located around or near the plaza. The plaza actually consists of two adjacent plazas, the Munoz Rivera Plaza on the northern side and the Degetau Plaza on the southern side.

Fountain of the Lions

Located in the Munoz Rivera Plaza is a large statue of Munoz Rivera as well as two water fountains. Located in the Degetau Plaza is the Fountain of the Lions (Fuente de los Leones), which is a large water fountain surrounded by several lion sculptures. The Fountain of the Lions is the centerpiece of the plaza and a much larger and more impressive fountain than the two other fountains in the Plaza de las Delicias. In addition to the fountain, the Degetau Plaza contains four statues (the Statue of composer Juan Morel Campos, the Domingo Cruz Statue, the Statue of Blind Justice, and a statue of a sitting woman holding two children) as well as a monument celebrating the firefighters that fought in the Polvorin fire.

Seperating the two plazas are the impressive Our Lady of Guadalupe Cathedral as well as the Parque de Bombas, both top Ponce Tourist Attractions. The plaza is also filled with trees and has park benches available for relaxing and people-watching. In addition, there are quite a few other attractions surrounding the plaza or within a few blocks of the plaza, including Teatro la Perla, Museo de la Historia de Ponce, Museo de la Musica Puertorriquena, and Casa Wiechers-Villaronga.

There are also trolley tours that start at the plaza and take visitors to some of the top attractions in Ponce including Serralles Castle and Vigia Cross.