Pinones State Forest

Pinones State Forest is slightly east of the city of San Juan adjacent to the Luis M. Marin International Airport and is along the coast of the Atlantic Ocean in Puerto Rico. Take PR 187 east past the airport and out of San Juan to get to the Pinones State Forest.

Pinones State Forest includes coastline and beaches, the Torrecilla Lagoon, the Pinones Lagoon, mangroves, palm trees, and pine trees. You can rent a kayak and explore the lagoons on your own and take a guided tour of the forest and lagoons. The beaches along the coast are quite a popular escape from the more crowded and commercial beaches in and around the city of San Juan. The beaches have a variety of food vendors available and depending on how far along the coast you venture, you can find large expanses of beach that are sparsely populated by tourists and locals. The waves from the ocean provide for great surfing, so you are likely to see a lot of surfers when conditions are good.

Paseo de Pinones

Paseo de Pinones is a six mile long trail that runs mostly along the beach passing great expanses of coastline and eventually jutting into the state forest itself. Paseo de Pinones is made of both wooden boardwalks and concrete paths and is heavily used by walkers, runners, and bikers. You can rent bikes at a reasonable price (a few dollars an hour) to ride the trail from end to end, but be warned that the bikes are a bit old and in need of replacement so you may want to bring your own. It takes about an hour to ride from one end of the trail to the other, so you should plan about three hours assuming you will be stopping to take in the scenery, snap some pictures, look at wildlife, or stop for a snack at a local food vendor.

Pinones State Forest is open from 9am to 5pm Tuesday to Sunday and is closed on Mondays. Additional information about the state forest facilities and conditions is available by calling the visitor center at 787-791-7750.