Paseo del Morro

Paseo del Morro

Paseo del Morro is a pedestrian walkway that runs along the coastline of San Juan Bay in Old San Juan. It starts at the San Juan Gate where the Paseo de la Princesa ends. From there, the walkway winds along the coast of San Juan Bay north past El Morro Fort and ending at the northern tip of Old San Juan where San Juan Bay meets the Atlantic Ocean.

Paseo del Morro dead ends at the northern end or the trail, just below El Morro Fort. The walkway doesn't currently provide access to El Morro Fort, so you will need to backtrack. However, there are plans to add access to the fort from the path as well as extend the path along the northern coastline to San Cristobal Fort at some point in the future.

Paseo del Morro has the San Juan Bay on one side and the protective city wall (La Muralla) on the other side. There are some trees, street lamps, and benches along the walkway as well as street vendors selling drinks and snacks as well as some local crafts.

The walkway is fairly wide, so it is an easy walk especially with the many benches available for taking a break. It is a great place for tourist to get some great views of the bay as well as see the old city wall up close. You can watch the large cruise ships enter and exit the bay on their way to and from the piers.

Paseo del Morro is a public walkway, so there is no charge to access or walk along the trail.