Hacienda Buena Vista

Hacienda Buena Vista is a restored old coffee plantation tourist attraction about thirty (30) miles north of the city of Ponce. It is about 8 miles from the smaller town of Magueyes. To get there, take Route 123 north out of Ponce through the town of Magueyes and continue north along the rural winding mountain road that is Route 123. Hacienda Buena Vista is on the left side of the road.

Hacienda Buena Vista was built in the mid 1800's as a coffee plantation and over the years also produced cacao, corn, and citrus fruits. There is a large two-story water wheel that still works being spun by the water from the local river. The large manor house has been restored and is full of period furniture to give a great sense of what the plantation was like so many years ago. If you are lucky, you can catch the plantation at harvesting time and see how it really operates. The property also has a gift shop where you can try to local coffee as well as purchase some coffee beans or pick up a souvenir.

The plantation has tours daily from Wednesday through Sunday, but it is closed on Monday and Tuesday. Be sure to call in advance to make reservations, because they are required. You should also be sure to ask which tour times are in English and which are in Spanish because only some of the tours are in English. Tickets are less than $10 for adults and a little bit less for children. The phone number to call for reservations and information is 787-284-7020 or 787-722-5882.